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Welcome to the Connecting Kitchen

Where we are all about building healthy bodies and stronger relationships.

If you want to build a better relationship with someone, try cooking with them! I realized that cooking was a magical solution when I was looking for a way to connect with my son. When we started cooking together, the kitchen quickly became that non-threatening place, with lots of open spaces where we could have conversations about things that matter, we could talk about better food choices, and where we were not only making meals, but powerful, positive memories that helped us build a lasting connection.

Ever notice that when you throw a party everyone ends up in the kitchen? Food brings people together. So whether you need to repair a relationship or you’d just like to make the one you have stronger, we can help. Take a look around. You will find lots of ideas and inspiration for creating healthier bodies and stronger relationships on our website. If you’d like to hear more about our story that inspired this blog click here.

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Whether you are looking to improve your cooking skills, improve a connection, or just have fun, we have a program for you. Learn more about what we do. If you have any questions you can contact me directly here.

Recent Posts

Valentine’s Day Chicken Piccata

I love how food brings people together, so I invited my friend Lindsey and her beau Dr. Ryan to join me in the Connecting Kitchen. Cooking together is a great way to connect with someone you are dating or in a relationship with. Check out the video to see for...

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The Poke Bowl that Brightened Our Day

Look how far we've come! I never thought I'd get him to eat a bowl full of whole food goodness like this Poke Bowl. He was living on fast food and junk food before we started cooking together. Just goes to show that with some time and patience it is possible to make...

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The Brainbow Bowl

What are friends for? These 2 ladies, Missy Banks and Annie Koch, are not only great friends to hang out with, but are an inspiration for living a healthy lifestyle. We all need more friends like this, that eat with purpose and exercise regularly and inspire everyone...

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Beautiful Bali

Swinging over paradise. Our journey to Bali was an adventure! It was transformational, inspirational, and motivational. I was there for a 10-day workshop, led by transformation life coach, Rachel Gilmore (center), designed for us to grow, experience, and learn. It was...

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Hi, I’m Meryl

This is a photo of me with my son, Ari. We didn’t always have the best relationship, in fact, we had MANY years of fighting and arguing. One day, I PAID him to cook with me because he needed the money and I wanted to help. It wasn’t long before we realized, that when we were in the kitchen, that we were getting along. We had set our differences aside and started to bond in a way we never had before. It didn’t take long to start a relationship that wasn’t there before.

Fast forward to today and here you have my son and I, TOGETHER – with a goal to help others build their relationships with their friends, children, parents, partners, and co-workers.