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Welcome to the Connecting Kitchen

Where we are all about building healthy bodies and stronger relationships.

The idea is that when you cook together you not only learn how to eat better, but you learn how to work together, respect each other and spend quality time together. You create lasting memories while learning life skills that are essential for a happy and healthy life. It’s not hard. It just takes some time, patience and practice.

A Little Bit About My Story

For years I’d been trying to find a way to connect with my oldest son. Nothing worked. We could not spend 5 minutes in a room together (or on the phone) without arguing or shouting. Well, that all changed when one day we started cooking together. I paid him at first because he needed the money, and he begrudgingly agreed. But we quickly realized it was fun. Too busy chopping, stirring or mixing to be fighting, anyway. The conversation was a little angry at first or non-existent, but eventually, it flowed.

What’s ironic is that most of the reason we fought had a lot to do with food.

Living on a diet of waffles and cookies and soda and fast food, it was no surprise that he was moody, irritable and unreasonable. Who can function on that? I always knew if I could get him to choose healthier foods that life would be better for both of us.

Making the food TOGETHER was the secret.


Of course, it wasn’t quite that simple.

Choosing the recipe was our first challenge. He wanted all the heavy, high-calorie man food, while I was leaning toward light and healthy and lean. So we compromised on healthy burritos, leaner burgers, and smaller portions. Although it was difficult at first (many arguments at the grocery store), we started to figure it out together.

We have learned so much along the way! There are so many lessons you can learn in the kitchen.

There is planning and budgeting and shopping, learning how to choose healthy foods and proper portion size, listening (to each other) and following instructions, estimating and measuring, and most importantly, working as a team with respect for each other.

The bottom line is when we are cooking together we are spending time together, creating delicious food together, feeling a sense of accomplishment together, tasting and eating the food together, cleaning up together, and celebrating success and laughing at the failures together. Before you know it, you have a relationship! No pressure, no requirements, just cooking. It’s been several years now and the rewards are bigger and better than I could have imagined!

I’d love for you to join us on our journey as we continue to repair and grow our relationship.

All I can say is if you want to connect with your kids, try the kitchen. I have built stronger relationships with my other children as well. I have been cooking with my daughter since she could walk, maybe even before. My younger son loves to eat so we often found ourselves chatting and connecting while he was waiting patiently (impatiently) for dinner. It wasn’t until he was in his own apartment at college that he asked me for some cooking lessons.

I still cook with my mom and love every minute!

Check out our videos for some quick, easy, and tasty meals and see how fun and rewarding it can be to cook with your kids!