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Here we are. Three generations of cooks. We’ve created and shared so many meals together!

Food is the fuel of relationships and I love building relationships around food. Food is inspiring and creative and energizing. It connects people and comforts. Whether it’s going out to eat with friends, celebrating special occasions with a feast, or simply cooking at home, the food just brings us together.

What we forget sometimes is that food really is fuel. It supplies the nourishment and nutrients that our bodies need to function properly. When we eat the most nutritious foods we feel energetic and positive and healthy.


Healthy foods put us in a good mood and we feel more confident. We are more likely to reach out, want to socialize, and share with the people in our lives when we eat well.


When our brains are well-nourished, our thoughts are positive and encouraging. We’re more likely to help a friend or brighten someone’s day. We have the patience to deal with difficult situations. What we fuel our bodies with plays a huge role in the way we relate to others, the quality of the relationships we have, and the quality of our lives.

I also know that when we eat all the wrong things, the opposite is true. We’re moody, lethargic, unmotivated, and a little miserable.

Makes me wonder why making the right choices is so difficult sometimes.