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It’s Friday and we are connecting in the kitchen again! Making a super easy, delicious dish — penne pasta with butternut squash, garlic, parmesan cheese, and mushrooms, topped with fresh oregano from our garden!

As part of learning to eat healthier, I thought it was worth taking a trip to one of our favorite local growers first.

The people of New Town Farms work hard every day to bring us local, organic produce loaded with nutrients!

It was nice to appreciate them and see where our bright and beautiful vegetables actually come from. No, it doesn’t just come from the supermarket! Ari looks a little nervous in the picture. I think he was worried that he was going to have to work on the farm!


Jason gave us a tour!


Keep trying something new! We tried a new way to prepare 2 foods– butternut squash and mushrooms–that haven’t always been favorites. Sometimes when you prepare them differently, they are more appealing. When kids invest their time and energy in making the meal, they are also more willing to give new vegetables and foods a try.

If you are looking to introduce new foods, cook with your kids. Or at least bring them to the farm. Either way you have quality time together and a better appreciation for your food.

We used this recipe from Food Network (see link below). We made some minor changes. We used white pasta instead of whole wheat. Ari added tomato sauce to his. Give it a try! Cooking with your kids, and this recipe. You won’t be disappointed!