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Make the Connection – Group Coaching Circle

 Let’s talk about how to build a better relationship with our kids! And support each other while we’re doing it.

If you are a parent and want to stop the arguing and feel more loving, join me in this group coaching circle. I will share what has worked for me and my son and show you how it can work for you. Learn the basics for healthy eating habits and healthier relationships. They are more interrelated than you think.

Each week I will start with a presentation that will include a topic such as :

  • Why food matters.
  • Breaking the sugar cycle.
  • How to incorporate healthy foods in a busy day.
  • How to get the kids involved.
  • The importance of Listening.
  • Paving the 2-way street.
  • Changing the Relationship Habit.
  • Easy dinner recipes.

The sessions will include practical tips, mindfulness exercises, a recipe share, educational quizzes, do-at-home assignments, question and answer time, and group support.*

*I’ll be offering a virtual cooking session for anyone interested.

Learn how to have fun in the kitchen and make that connection. Bring the joy back into your home.

You can join for one session or all. Sessions are Mondays at 12pm or 8pm EST.

We are working on a new schedule for upcoming circles. If you’d like to be notified when the new Group Coaching Cirlces are available, sign up for our email list in the purple box below.

  • 1 hr Zoom Conference (attend by phone or video).

If you have questions email me here.