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Team Building

Bring your team to the Connecting Kitchen!

ONLY Virtual Team Building Events available on Zoom. 

Cooking together is the perfect recipe for building a better team! The Connecting Kitchen brings everyone together where team members (co-workers, family members, or friends) will laugh and learn and work together. Cooperation, respect, creativity, and a focus on a common goal build camaraderie and strengthen relationships, creating bonds that will last long after you leave our kitchen.

What the Team Building Event includes:

  • A 2-hour cooking session – we will decide the menu in advance together.
  • Eating and enjoying the delicious food in a casual setting. Yum!
  • A recipe book from our session. Show off your new cooking skills at home!
  • A Short Video of the event! A lasting souvenir.
  • We will feature your business on Facebook and Instagram! Let’s let people know what you do!
  • Option to purchase Connecting Kitchen aprons so you can bring some of the Connecting Kitchen magic home with you!

We are all in this together!

It is so important to recognize that when we work as a team, everything is easier, and life is just better. I hope that after your visit to the Connecting Kitchen you will keep the momentum going. Keep on laughing and learning together!

Contact me to schedule your next team building event in the Connecting Kitchen!