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Here are some highlights of our trip to a local farm and the local farmers market.

It’s important to appreciate where our food comes from. There are many reasons to buy local and organic.

Here are my top 5.

Local foods are fresher and more nutritious – just picked!

Local foods support local farmers in our community!

Local food makes a lighter carbon footprint – they don’t have to be transported long distances.

Small local farms encourage diversity of produce – smaller farms often have a bigger variety of fruits and vegetables.

You get to know your grower. They are interesting people! Of course, the best reason of all – it’s just FUN!


These lettuces taste as fresh and delicious as they look!


Rows of beautiful broccoli.


Natalie from Grateful Growers with her pasture raised pork. She’s right when she says it’s the best! Raised humanely, these hogs get to play, root, wallow, and run in the sunshine. They are raised on pasture with a diverse diet of grain, forages, tree nuts, and organic vegetables. No added hormones or antibiotics.


The lettuce ladies from Tega Hill Farm.


Specialty fresh mushrooms. Gorgeous!