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In today’s world, it can seem impossible to get your kids to eat healthy foods. Fast food is everywhere and tempting them. Candy racks are at every register. Supersize sodas and slushies are the norm. So what can you do? Teaching kids healthy eating habits starts at home. If you are cooking and eating highly nutritious foods, your kids will too.

Get them involved. Let them help with the planning and the shopping, so they are invested from the start. Choosing a recipe is fun. The internet has millions to choose from! Have your kids make the shopping list. Teach them how to budget. They can be in charge of keeping track of the dollars on a calculator as you fill your cart. And then of course let them help you cook!

If your kids are super picky, then start out with recipes that you know they will eat. Don’t worry so much about getting the vegetables in there if that’s an issue. Establish the routine of making meals together and then add in some better choices later. You will be surprised what they will eat when they make it themselves!

If you’re not an expert cook, neither are we.


The meals we make are quick and easy and use few ingredients. If your meal is a flop, laugh about it and try again. It’s all good!

Learning to cook is a gift you are giving your kids for the rest of their lives and teaching a healthy lifestyle starts at home.